Monday, March 1, 2010

Videos Keep Piling Up

As I crisscross America its not uncommon to collect around 20-30 DVD's every day that I'm visiting high schools. While I love to help athletes across the country and certainly log plenty of time watching film, I simply can't watch every video that comes my way. College Coaches have the exact same problem.

This problem is exactly the reason an organization like NCSA exists to help young people. In fact a lot of the film that families hand me ends up at NCSA. Take a look at their brand new College Recruiting Video Section. It's become my go to source for storing and evaluating film for some of the best prospects in America.


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  2. Dear Mr. Lemming,

    My name is Reese Thomas. You helped change my life 20 years ago. It might have changed a little more if I took your advice and signed with Wisconsin (lol) but that's what learning is for. I will be brief. I did obtain my college degree in Social Work. I have been in Behavior Modification for the last 10 Years with some of the most troubled kids in the world that come through Las Vegas. I have 6 children of my own, and I teach them sports and education. (One of which is a ESPN prospect in Girls Basketball as a freshman.) I have developed a program that helps young athletes make better choices and I coach them on their behaviors and modify them with interventions I have learned that fits their situation. I am getting feedback from college coaches on specific behaviors and digesting it for the youth. This fall, I planned to go college to college in California to speak to groups of athletes, coaches, and families to help educated them to be more recruitable by their behavior as well as their talent. Because I believe I could change someones life, just like you helped change mine. I would love to speak to you more on this and others, to seek your guidance so i can be well prepared to help the atheletes, coaches and families. Please contact me at or by text or call (702)275-5190. Thank You.