Thursday, October 8, 2009

Florida Recruiting Update

With all of the news coming out of the state of Florida recently I thought I would weigh in on several of the topics that are circling the rumor mill.

-The Bobby Bowden situation at Florida State shouldn't affect recruiting too much, because Jimbo fisher, the coach in waiting, is already the front man in recruiting. He is getting in who he wants. He is totally in control of the recruiting situation. However, if they keep losing some of the kids wont want to play Bobby or Jimbo. The school is bringing on a lot of the negative press themselves. They miss out on a couple of superstars if they keep up this infighting.

-Despite South Florida's big win over FSU, I still don't see it changing the recruiting situation much. They aren't going to beat Florida, FSU, or Miami head on.

-Miami had 2011 standout LB Denzel Perryman for the Oklahoma game. So far I have been really impressed with his athletic ability. Can really fly to the ball.

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