Friday, October 2, 2009

Northwestern Recruiting, 2010 QB's, and Penn State

Today's News:

-Northwestern class is looking extremely solid this year. Tghe key would be is that Florida and the missiisppi is the place everyone is going to. Because of Florida's talent they have become just as important as Chicago. Its important because of their academics that they recruit nationally. But, the entire Big Ten is paying more attention to Florida as well.

-So far the 2010 class has yet to have a clear cut number one quarterback, however a few have stood out in my mind. Phillip Simms from Virginia. Jake Heaps. Tommy Rees is tearing things up in Chicago right now.

-Penn State has a top 5 class right now. I expect them to hold on tho their commitments even if they lose a few games, because their top recruits are all from their primary recruiting area.

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