Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kentucky Recruiting


QB ••• Brian Hynes 6-6, 190, 4.6 Louisville Fern Creek
He is not yet a finished product but he is certainly someone to keep your eye on.
On Film–He is a 6' 6" quarterback with a sling-shot arm, or as his coach says, a gun for an arm. He is very athletic and puts the ball on the money just about every time. He does a good job of standing tall in the pocket until his receivers come open, and is better suited for a pro-style offense.
Stats–He threw for 1,858 yds and 25 TDs earning some All-State mention in the process.
Grades–His GPA is over 3.0.

QB ••• Jacob Russell 6-4, 225, 4.75 Lawerenceburg Anderson County
He is the prototypical QB with the size and arm strength that college scouts are looking for.
On Film–He moves well for his size, shows a nice arm, and has very good all-around athletic ability.
Stats–He earned All-League honors for his play at QB.
Other Sports–He is an outstanding basketball player, one of the very best in Kentucky. If he decides on football alone, he has the sky is the limit type of potential.

Other Quarterbacks to Watch:
Sean Thompson 6-4, 215, 4.7 Frankfort Franklin County
Antonio Andrews 6-0, 175, 4.55 Fort Campbell
Chris Muse 6-1, 185, 4.6 Somerset Pulaski County
Ryan Moses 6-3, 180, 4.6 Williamsburg

RB •••• Miles Simpson 6-3, 200, 4.55 Independence Simon Kenton
He was one of the leading rushers in the state last season as a junior.
On Film–Jordan is considered by most to be the top RB prospect in the state. He is blessed with great size, vision, surprising speed, and excellent strength. There are few defenders that can keep up with him in the state of Kentucky. He is a long strider who does a good job of following his block and shows a second gear once he gets into the open field. He is a dominating high school back whose talent screams big-time.
Stats–He rushed for 2,309 yds and 37 TDs averaging 8.1 yds per carry in '08. He fumbled just once on his way to earning 1st Team All-State honors.
Grades–His GPA is over 2.5
Favorite Schools–KY, IL, IN, LOUISVILLE, CINCY, PURDUE, and W. KY.

RB ••• Quan Weaver 5-11, 200, 4.39 Frankfort
His coach calls him a great kid and back.
On Film–He certainly shows some versatility despite missing three games. He exploded on the scene at the TB position, showing good hands, blazing speed, and an elusive style of running. I watched the Garrett County game in which he carried the ball 16 times for 332 yards and seemed to get stronger as the game progressed. He is an excellent combination of elusiveness, power, and blazing speed. He is a surprising back who has gained 25 pounds since last season, he is very strong in the legs, and shows the ability to break tackles.
Stats–He rushed for 2,200 yds and 25 TDs despite missing three games in '08.
Grades–His GPA is over 3.0

RB •••+ Tyrrell Willis 6-2, 230, 4.7 Murray Calloway County
He plays TB in high school but he is built perfectly for the FB or LB position.
On Film–By the end of the season, Tyrrell could be one of the heaviest sought after players in the state of Kentucky. He does not receive the kind of publicity he deserves, but he does possess the size, strength, pretty good speed, and great balance. He is an effective between the tackles runner, who is a load to bring down. He is someone to keep an eye on also at the ILB position where he shows good range and is a sure tackler.

RB ••• VaShaun Banks 5-11, 175, 4.5 Hopkinsville Christian County
He is not the biggest back around but certainly one of the quickest ones.
On Film–He shows natural and instinctive running style, he follows his blockers wells, and knows when to explode through holes leaving defenders in his wake. He shows decent strength and excellent speed. He needs to gain weight and strength if he is to carry the load of a Division I RB.
Stats–He ran 1,585 yds and 19 TDs in '08.

Other Running Backs to Watch:
Charles Quainoo 5-11, 180, 4.5 Florence Boone County
Troy Turner 5-11, 190, 4.55 Ft. Campbell
Domonique Hayden 5-9, 220, 4.6 Lexington Christian

WR ••• Austin Collinsworth 6-1, 182, 4.55 Ft. Thomas Highlands
He is the son of former Cincinnati Bengal Chris Collinsworth. He is really starting to make a name for himself in Northern Kentucky. He was considered to be one of the top WR prospects in the Cincinnati area last year.
On Film–#22 is not the biggest or the fastest receiver but he is certainly one of the more productive ones. He shows strong hands, will catch the ball inside but is quick enough to outrun most DB's. He makes good adjustments, can catch the ball on the run, and turn up field quickly. He dominated most opponents in '08 and the same is expected of him this year. His highlight tape shows him making 4 TD catches against Scott along with 2 punt returns and 1 interception for TD's.
Stats–He caught 49 passes for 840 yds in '08. He picked off 4 passes as CB.
Grades–His GPA is 3.5.

TE •••+ Tate Nichols 6-7, 240, 4.8 Union Ryle
I'm mentioning Tate because of his potential.
On Film–He is already a real good basketball player, but if he concentrates completely on football, look out. He has the frame, strong hands, attitude, and is enough of a physical player to make an impression at the Division I level. He was a pretty good player in '08 but bigger things are expected of him this season.
Other Sports–He is a stand-out PFW in basketball.
Favorite Schools–Committed to STANFORD.

TE ••• Nigel Phelps 6-3, 230, 4.7 Radcliff North Harden
The North Harden coach says Nigel has the frame to play on Sundays.
On Film–He certainly shows the hands, strength, and quickness to someday play on Sundays if he keeps improving his game the way he did last year. He is a solidly built receiver who can block with the best of them. He plays on a run-oriented team but does impress you with his pass-receiving skills when the ball is thrown his way.
Stats–He earned some All-State mention in '08.
Grades–His GPA is over 3.0.

OL ••• Tyler Grubbs 6-6, 285, 5.1 Ft. Thomas Highlands
He certainly has the size and temperament needed to play either LT or RT at the next level.
On Film–He proves to be very athletic and moves well at the RT position. He can redirect pretty well and shows the movement skills and body control needed to remain at RT in college. He plays in one of the top programs in the state.
Favorite Schools–Committed to MIAMI of OHIO.

OL ••• Burt Mingey 6-8, 290, 5.4 Lexington Lafayette
His size is obvious and after watching him a little bit on film, so is his potential.
On Film–He will need some coaching up, although with his size and attitude, look out. He is not yet a dominating player but can bend his knees, moves well, and can slide and mirror. He is someone to keep an eye on.

OL ••• Jordan Hansel 6-5, 300, 5.3 Independence Simon Kenton
Still another OL with the size to make it at the next level.
On Film–He shows pretty good movement skills, is a very strong run blocker, keeps his feet moving at all times, and does a good job of finishing off his blocks. Last season he showed the ability to win battles at a consistent rate and is technically sound.
Stats–He was voted the Northern Kentucky Offensive Lineman Year Award.
Grades–His GPA is over 3.0.

OL ••• Jesse Schmitt 6-2, 225, 4.8 Louisville Trinity
The #1 long snapper in Kentucky and one of the very best in the south.
On Film–Jesse, in 30 varsity games, was perfect on 195 of 196 placement snaps, made 10 flawless fake punt snaps, called his audibles, and he was error-free on 30 punt snaps. He will be the starting center for the perennial powerhouse this season, he's been blessed with long arms, smarts and coolness under pressure.
Grades–His GPA is 3.3 and he scored a 23 on the ACT.

DL ••• Roosevelt Emerson 6-5, 245, 4.9 Radcliff North Hardin
You certainly have to take a look at someone who is 6-5, 245 and can run the way Mr. Emerson does.
On Film–He shows tremendous feet, can redirect with the best of them, and is excellent in pursuit. He has been blessed with long arms and quick hands. Not yet a dominating player, but most people in the area tell me the best is yet to come because he will only get better.
Stats–He earned some All-League honors for his play at DE.

DL ••• Harris Bivin 6-4, 290, 5.1 Owensboro Apollo
It's not a great year for DL prospects in the state of Kentucky, but Harris could wind up being the very best.
On Film–He dominates the DT position. He is super strong at the point of attack and does a good job of locating the ball. He loves to hammer ball carriers, keeps good pad level, and plays the game on his feet.
Stats–He totaled over 80 tackles on his way to earning 3rd Team All-State Honors at DT.
Grades–Benches 310 and squats 475.
Favorite Schools–Committed to LOUISVILLE.

LB •••• Tim Patterson 6-5, 220, 4.6 Louisville Central
He is rated by some, including myself, as the number one prospect in the state of Kentucky.
On Film–#52 more than lives up to his nickname Hitman. This guy can really deliver a blow, always seems to be in the right position at the right time, takes great angles to the ball, and once he gets there, look out. He has the potential to become a difference maker. He plays hard on every down, showing good closing speed and an explosive first couple of steps.
Stats–Last season he totaled 77 tackles, 5 sacks, and 3 picks on his way to earning All-State honors. He also shows the height, long arms, and quick feet to play either inside or outside or possibly even grow into a DE. In the state championship game in 2007, he was credited with 20 tackles so he plays big in big games.
Other Sports–He averages 11 pts and 13 rebounds a game as an FW in basketball.
Grades–His GPA is over 2.0.
Favorite Schools–LOUISVILLE, KY, PURDUE, TN, AL, AR, CINCY, and IN.

LB •••• Channing Fugate 6-2, 225, 4.6 Jackson Breathitt County
Unfortunately for me I did not make it to Breathitt County this season, but from what I have heard, Mr. Fugate is really something at both the RB and LB positions.
On Film–If you go by production, there are very few players better in the South than Mr. Fugate. On offense, he is a hard-running back who keeps his pads low. He makes defenders pay for the tackle but also shows the burst to get outside. On defense, he does an excellent job of avoiding blocks and finding the ball. He is very instinctive with good range. He is able to play the game on his feet.
Stats–This year he ran for an astonishing 3,052 yds and 36 TDs averaging 10.9 yds per carry. He was no slouch on defense totaling 96 tackles and 32 tackles for losses on his way to earning 1st Team All-State Honors on both sides of the ball.
Favorite Schools–Committed to TENNESSEE.

LB •••+ John Michael Askin 6-4, 220 4.5 Goshen North Oldham
He is as off the radar as you can get. He has only played football for a year but certainly has the superior athletic ability and the bloodlines to receive Division I attention. His father, John Askin, was on my 1981 All-American team out of Cincinnati Moeller, and although John Michael is not as big as his father, he is just as athletic.
On Film–#33 covers a lot of ground. He is very tall, fast, aggressive, and can outrun most backs. He has a nose for the ball on defense. On offense, he is a sure-handed receiver with all-the-way kind of speed. He looked great at several one day camps this spring and summer and big things are expected of him in the '09 season.
Stats–He recorded 40 solo tackles, 6 caused fumbles at LB last year, and caught 15 passes for 210 yds playing both a WR and TE.
Other Sports–Until last year, basketball was considered his top sport in which he averages 19 pts and 8 rebounds a game.
Grades–His GPA is 3.1. Benches 300.

LB ••• Brandon Roller 6-1, 215 Ft. Thomas Highlands
Coaches in Northern Kentucky tell me they all believe he is a Division I prospect.
On Film–I would have to agree after watching #19 on film, he sure can run. Most of his highlights have him at the TE position where he is a sure-handed receiver who can turn up field quickly. He does a quick job of finding the open seam and can block. However, his size should dictate a move to LB.
Stats–At LB he totaled over 80 tackles, 10 sacks, and 1 pick. He shows very good range and should weigh 230 in college. The first game on his film has him making 5 catches for 142 yds, 1 TD, and 2 sacks.
Grades–His GPA is 3.2.

LB ••• Josh Lewis 6-2, 2-10, 4.6 Louisville Trinity
He is just starting to put it together.
On Film–He shows very good athletic skills and closing speed. He shows a good burst, instincts, and has proven to be a sure tackler.
Stats–He earned All-League and some All-City mention for his play at LB.

DB •••• Stephan Robinson 5-10, 165, 4.35 Louisville Central
This young man can fly.
On Film–He shows Division I skills at WR, CB, and even FS. I will project him at the CB position. CBs are awfully tough to find, and a 5-10 athlete who can run a 10.6 100 meters should do just fine at that position. His film shows outstanding cover skills, he can break on the ball very quickly, and he reads well. In fact, at times, he calls out the route the receiver is going to run, now that's confidence and knowledge. He shows outstanding jumping ability, timing, and anticipation. On offense, he runs precise routes, can quickly put separation between himself and the defender, and once he is half a step ahead, it's all over. In the state championship game he had 3 catches for 120 yds and 1 TD. He is a potential All-American at either spot; I guess it will just depend on where he is needed the most.
Stats–He totaled 30 solo tackles, 3 picks, and 10 passes batted down at CB. On offense, he caught 30 passes for 800 yds and 15 TDs. He also carried the ball 6 times for 120 yds and 5 scores.
Other Sports–He has been timed in a 10.6 100 and a 22.2 200 meters in track.
Grades–His GPA is 3.0.
Favorite Schools–IL, LOUISVILLE, KY, IN, MI STATE, and CINCY.

DB ••• Nick Sears 5-11, 185, 4.55 Louisville St. Xavier
His head coach calls him "the best free safety we have ever had at this school."
On Film–Nick may not be the biggest safety around but he is certainly one of the more aggressive ones. He shows very good range, dominates the run game, and is a highly competitive player with good ball skills. He is not super fast but very quick.

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