Thursday, September 24, 2009

Recruiting Iowa's Top Football Prospects

QB •••• Zach McCabe 6-6, 201, 4.8 Sioux City Bishop Heelan
I've give Zach four stars because of his excellent overall athletic ability and potential.
On Film–I saw him throw down in San Antonio this past January and watched him on film, and if he would ever concentrate completely on football, Heelan could have a budding superstar on our hands. However, he is also considered to be one of the top basketball players in the state of Iowa and he is not sure which sport he will pursue at the next level. He's a very dedicated and hard working young man. He lives in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota but attends and plays his ball a few miles south Bishop Heelan in Sioux City, Iowa. His film shows a tall, thin looking QB with great feet, a very strong arm, and terrific vision. He shows poise in the pocket, will step up in the pocket, and has the athletic ability to elude the rush. He needs to get heavier and stronger but if he dedicates himself to QB, look out.
Stats–In the state championship game he threw 4 TD passes helping lead Heelan to the championship.
Other Sports–In basketball he's considered to be an outstanding SFW who averages 19 pts and 11 rebounds a game, and already has offers from Division I schools in that sport.
Grades–His GPA is over a 3.0.
Favorite Schools–Loves NOTRE DAME but is also looking at IOWA, NE, OR, UCLA and KS.

QB •••+ Austin Vier 6-7, 220, 4.65 Huxley-Ballard
He came out of nowhere to receive a bit-time offer from the Iowa Hawkeyes.
On Film–Austin is a pro-style QB with a pretty good arm and very good feet. He dominates at the high school level but does have the athletic ability to possibly make a switch to TE. Blessed with long arms and big hands, he has what it takes to either play QB or TE at the next level.
Stats–Earned All-Conference honors for his offensive play in '08.
Grades–His GPA is over a 3.0. Has a 31" VJ.
Favorite Schools–Committed to IOWA.

QB ••• Blake Haluska 6-4, 190, 4.7 Carroll
He's a tall, smart QB with a whip-like arm and he's a very accurate passer.
On Film–Rudy (nickname) seems to put the ball on the money just about every pass. He's a team leader with a dedication to the game. He seems comfortable in a pro-style offense, you can flush him out of the pocket and he is capable of throwing the ball accurately while on the run. In the Boone game he was 12 of 17 for 316 yds and 5 TDs while also rushing for another score. He's very athletic with a passion for the game.
Stats–He completed 130 of 214 passes for 2,385 yds and 26 TDs and was picked off 8 times on his way to earning All-State mention.
Other Sports–Averages 13 points and 9 rebounds a game as an FW in basketball and has been timed in an 11.3 100 and a 23.3 200 meters in track. He has also long jumped 20' 3".
Grades–His GPA is 3.4. Benches 225.
Favorite Schools–Looking at IOWA, IOWA ST, WI, UNI, MO and NE.

QB ••• Jacob Waters 6-2, 185, 4.6 Council Bluffs St. Albert
One of the top prospects in western Iowa, he's an instinctive QB with a bright future.
On Film–Jake shows very good awareness, arm strength, accuracy and a quick release. A pressure QB, he plays big in big games. He threw for 298 yds and 5 TDs in a play-off game last season. He shows a consistent release point and is as accurate as they come. He can get rid of the ball in a hurry and does not take many sacks. He's very accurate while throwing the ball on the run.
Stats–He completed 121 of 157 passes for 1,984 yds and 22 TDs and was picked off 4 times while also rushing for over 500 yds and 13 scores.
Other Sports–Averages 13 pts and 6 rebounds a game as a PG in basketball. He batted .428 with 5 home runs and 35 RBI's as a shortstop in baseball.
Grades–His GPA is 3.4. Benches 240.
Favorite Schools–IOWA, IOWA ST, NE and KS.

QB •• Kody Ingle 6-3, 200, 4.7 Runnells Southeast Polk
It appears to be a good year for QB prospects in the state of Iowa and Kody will be a three-year starter. He is considered to be one of the top athletes in the state.
On Film–He shows a quick deliver, shows some zip and out patterns, shows good field vision, timing, touch, and accuracy. A patient QB, he can read defenses.
Stats–He has thrown for over 3,000 yds and 30 TDs over the past two years completing 60% of his passes.

RB •••• Andre' Dawson 6-1, 210, 4.5 Cedar Rapids, WA
Not only the #1 RB prospect in Iowa but one of the nation's finest. He's nicknamed the Hawk, and any Chicago Cub fan will understand the significance of that nickname for former Cub and future Hall of Famer Andre' Dawson was also nicknamed the Hawk.
On Film–#4 blends great size, strength, vision, and balance with surprising speed and change of direction. This guy seems to have the whole package, a tough inside runner who can hide his way through traffic but has the vision and body control to side-step defenders with the burst to get through holes quickly. He shows very fluid hips, can accelerate on a dime and although he may not have breakaway speed, he has enough speed to take the ball the distance. If Andre' was playing in a larger city, he would have 30 offers by now. The first game on his film shows him running for 229 yds and 3 TDs breaking tackle after tackle and running away from just about everyone that tries to make a tackle. He certainly shows the strength and power to pound the ball between the tackles on a consistent basis.
Stats–He carried the ball 271 times for 1,485 yds and 27 TDs in '08 averaging 5.8 yds per carry. He also caught 21 passes for 271 yds and 1 score. The complete back who can run, block and catch.
Other Sports–Averages 5 points and 6 rebounds a game as an FW in basketball. He is related to former Michigan standout WR Adrian Arrington.
Grades–His GPA is over a 2.5. Benches 280.
Favorite Schools–IOWA, IL, WI, KS, MN, and PURDUE.

ATH ••• David Johnson 6-1, 191, 4.56 Clinton
I put D.J. down as an athlete particularly because you can't pigeon-hole him into one position.
On Film–Last season he proved to be an outstanding and very dependable RB, WR and CB. Athletic and instinctive, he shows very strong hands when catching the ball, can block like a pro and is a very dependable RB. He shows deceptive speed on film and seems to do everything with an ease that only comes with the good ones.
Stats–He carried the ball 125 times for 592 yds and 7 TDs and also caught 26 passes for 549 yds and 6 scores.
Other Sports–He's been timed in an 11.1 100 and a 22.5 200 meters and has high jumped 6' 1" in track. In basketball he is one of the top guard prospects in the state averaging 15 pts and 9 rebounds a game.
Grades–His GPA is 3.1. Benches 240 and has a very good 36" VJ.

TE ••• Joe Daniel 6-5, 230, 4.88 Davenport Assumption
There is one word to describe this 6-5, 230 pounder and that is athleticism.
On Film–His junior film shows a big, athletic TE/DE who can get the job done on both sides of the ball. The first game on his film shows him making 4 catches for 104 yds and 1 score but more importantly blocking like the big-time college player he will become. A smart, competitive ball player, he has long arms, soft hands and the speed to get downfield. He runs precise routes and does a good job of using his body to protect the ball from the defender. He catches everything within reach.
Stats–He caught 25 passes for 380 yds and 3 scores averaging 15 yds per catch. He also totaled 68 tackles at DE.
Other Sports–Averages 14 pts and 13 rebounds a game as a center in basketball.
Grades–His GPA is a perfect 4.0 and he scored a 29 on the ACT. Benches 260 and has a 27" VJ.

OL •••• James Kohler 6-8, 240, 5.4 Ames
The #1 prospect in western Iowa looks like an FW in basketball.
On Film–He's tall with exceptionally long arms and very quick feet. His footwork is what sets him apart from other tall, lanky, potential OL prospects. This guy can move well, he shows great body control, he positions himself well and can consistently keep his body out in front of his defender. He reminds me an awful lot of Robert Gallery when I saw him as a high school senior, tall, lanky with an enormous amount of work still to be done in the weight room. If James does everything right, he will look completely different three years from now. He certainly has the frame to weigh well over 300 pounds, and if he can keep his overall agility and quickness, look out. He only benches 190 right now, so strength and conditioning coaches like Iowa's famous Chris Doyle will have his work cut out for him if James decides on the Hawkeyes. If you want to watch a four-star tackle in action just look at the S.E. Polk game, which went into four overtimes and showed James fresh as a daisy and blocking like an All-American at the end of it.
Stats–He graded out at over 90% in his blocking assignments last season and earned some All-State mention.
Other Sports–Averages 7 pts and 5 rebounds a game in basketball, and has thrown the shot put over 43' in track. He has an 89 MPH fastball in baseball.
Grades–His GPA is a perfect 4.0.

DL •••• Brandon Scherff 6-6, 270, 4.9 Denison
If you are a recruit-a-holic, and a fan of Iowa football, then I'm sure you know where Denison is. I do this for a living and until this year I had no idea that it was about 70 miles northeast of Omaha, Nebraska, the hometown of the late Donna Reed, star of the Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life. And it certainly can be a wonderful life for Mr. Scherff if he puts effort into improving his football game.
On Film–This young man shows five-star potential and is one of the better athletes in the Midland region. He just seems to have those natural instincts that could propel him to the big show within four years. His film shows a determined, quick-footed, instinctive and athletic DE who can run with the best of them. To become a five-star player he will need to add strength but the athletic ability is certainly there. I was even more impressed watching the first part of his film where he played QB and did a good job throwing the ball and running himself out of trouble. It's not very often that you see a 6-6, 270 pounder outrunning linebackers but Mr. Scherff did it on a consistent basis. One of the better athletes in the state of Iowa, he played QB for four games, TE and DE for five, plus the reason why this 270 pounder wore #10 in '08. In his best game last season he helped Denison win in double overtime with 8 solo tackles, 2 sacks, 4 catches and 1 TD at TE.
Stats–Caught 13 passes for 155 yds and 2 scores at TE, and threw for over 500 yds and 4 TDs at QB. He also totaled 45 solo tackles and 6 QB sacks at DE.
Other Sports–Averages 10 pts and 9 rebounds a game as a center in basketball, and was the state champ in the shot put as a sophomore with a throw of 59' 5". He has also thrown the discus 166', and was 5 and 1 as a power pitcher in baseball.
Grades–He had time enough to study and get a GPA of 3.3. Benches only 215 and has a 26" VJ.
Favorite Schools–IOWA, MO, KS, NE, KS STATE, and IOWA ST.

DL ••• Matt Hoch 6-3, 240, 4.7 Harlan
Still another potential four or five-star player.
On Film–He shows good quickness off the ball and determination. He has an explosive first couple of steps, a high-effort who comes off the ball hard and can be a disruptive force. He needs to get bigger and stronger but the athletic ability is certainly there.
Stats–Earned All-State honors for his play at DE.
Grades–His GPA is over a 3.0.
Favorite Schools–Committed to IOWA.

DL ••• Cole Heissel 6-6, 235, 4.9 Lemars Gehlan
I was pleasantly surprised after watching #72 on film.
On Film–He's big, strong, athletic and determined two-way player who could wind up playing DE, OT or OG in college. Cole dominates at the RT position on offense using his quick hands and strength to maneuver defenders away from the ball. On defense he gets good leverage, can push the pocket, and shows enough burst to keep a QB honest. He shows the makings of a heck of a good DE playing the game with strength and purpose. He shows fluid moves and the instincts to locate the ball. He always gives good effort and has the frame and shoulders to weigh close to 300 pounds.
Stats–He recorded 42 solo and 54 assisted tackles to go with 15½ sacks on his way to earning All-State honors for Gehlan in '08. He also graded out at 90% in his blocking assignments at RT.
Other Sports–He has thrown the discuss 111' in track.
Grades–His GPA is 3.1. Benches 315 and has a 27" VJ.
Favorite Schools–Looking at IOWA, IOWA ST, NE, MO, KS, NORTHWESTERN and PURDUE.

ATH •••• A.J. Derby 6-4, 218, 4.6 Iowa City
Right now A.J. has to rank as the #1 prospect in the state, and he's a good bet for All-American honors. I give A.J. the ATH label simply because I don't know what position he will wind up playing in college. When I first saw him down in San Antonio at our combine, I immediately thought linebacker. He has the frame and the somewhat bowlegged walk of all the great ones.
On Film–#18 impresses you also at the QB position showing a pretty strong arm and outstanding athletic ability. What I came away thinking after watching him throw the ball down in San Antonio is he would need plenty of work if he wants to be a Division I QB. He has the size and arm strength but not yet the instincts and production of a blue chipper at that position. However, with that said, he certainly has the tools to make it on offense. On defense you are looking at an All-American SS or LB. This guy can run, he's aggressive, instinctive and determined. A fast, flowing LB with a very good short area burst. He runs to the ball with the best of them and plays hard on every down. He also has the frame to weigh around 240 in college. He reminds me of another A.J., A.J. Hawk to be exact, and he is a player I immediately recommended for the U.S. Army All-American game.
Stats–Earned All-State honors in '08.
Grades–His GPA is over a 3.0.
Favorite Schools–His father, John Derby, played ball for the Iowa Hawkeyes and for the Detroit Lyons, and his Uncle Glenn Derby played ball at Wisconsin. Besides the HAWKEYES and BADGERS, he is also looking at FL, MI, NE, MIAMI, IL, FSU, LSU and AL.

LB •••• James Morris 6-1, 210, 4.6 Solon
If you want to find an All-American you've never heard of, look no further than #28 James Morris. The son of Iowa's equipment manager, Greg Morris, James was born to play for the Hawkeyes, and they couldn't find a better OLB prospect.
On Film–In fact you may not find a better RB prospect in the Midland region, this guy can do it all. If he hadn't committed a year ago to the Iowa Hawkeyes, I bet he would have received over 25 offers. His film shows a muscular, athletic, aggressive, instinctive and productive two-way player with explosive moves on offense and explosive moves to the ball on defense. A typical Hawkeye ball player, he is relentless, hard working and above all, exceptionally productive.
Stats–He rushed for 2,100 yds and 38 TDs at TB and totaled 80 tackles, 3 picks, broke up 10 passes and recovered 2 fumbles at OLB on his way to earning 1st Team All-State honors.
Other Sports–He's been timed in an 11.2 100 and a 23 flat 200 meters in track. He was 18 and 0 in wrestling.
Grades–His GPA is a 4.0. Benches 260 and has a 36" VJ.
Favorite Schools–Committed to IOWA.

LB ••• Brock Massner 6-3, 225, 4.7 Mediapolis
Despite all the years I've traveled through Iowa, there are still a good number of towns I didn't know existed until a blue chip prospect popped up. Mediapolis is one of those towns and the blue chip prospect is Mr. Massner.
On Film–He shows good size, strength, vision, balance and a nose for the ball. He plays OLB and DE, he is very difficult to handle, can bend off the edge, and shows explosive moves to the ball. Blessed with quick hands and good instincts, he does a great job of tracking the ball. On offense he's one of the more dependable backs in the state who can run, catch and block. On his '07 film against Central Lee, he rushed for 280 yds in the second half to help his team win in a stunning comeback.
Stats–He carried the ball 120 times for 780 yds and 12 TDs averaging 7 yds per carry and also caught 10 passes for 280 yds and 3 scores. He totaled 50 tackles, 2 sacks and 4 tackles for losses at OLB.
Other Sports–Averages 8 pts and 8 rebounds a game as an FW in basketball. He has been timed in an 11.7 100 meters, high jumped 6' and thrown the shot 41' in track.
Grades–His GPA is 3.4 and he scored a 24 on the ACT. Benches 315 and has a 33" VJ.
Favorite Schools–IOWA, TCU, IOWA ST, OK ST, TN and VANDY.

DB ••• Jake Farley 6-3, 210, 4.6 Cedar Falls
One of the more physical SS prospects you will find.
On Film–Jake has a take no prisoners style of play and has been blessed with good instincts, size and strength. He's one of those kids that was born to play football. He grew up around the game with his father, Mark Farley, playing ball at Northern Iowa and now coaching, and his Uncle Greg Farley played ball at SDSU. Jake can do it all at the high school level, he plays QB on offense showing pretty good arm strength and excellent leadership skills, but it's on defense where he will wind up playing at the next level. As determined as they come, he's super strong and is known for his hard hitting style of play. He also has the body control to break down and make plays in the open field.
Stats–Carried the ball 25 times for 250 yds and 6 TDs and threw for 4 others at QB. He totaled 94 tackles, 4 picks, 5 QB sacks, 12 tackles for losses, 3 caused fumbles and 9 passes batted down at SS. In one game he totaled 15 tackles and 2 picks returning one of them back for a score.
Grades–His GPA is 3.9. Benches 350 and has a 36" VJ.

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