Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Jersey's Top Football Players

New Jersey

PICTURE FROM LAST YEAR (Irish Football on his t-shirt)
•••• Joseph Brennan 6-4, 200, 4.7 Camden Catholic
Last season we had him as a future All-American and this year he appears to be on his way to earning high school All-American honors.
On Film–He has gained an inch and twenty pounds since last year and still shows great accuracy. His arm strength has improved, he shows good movement in the pocket, good ball placement, and touch. He also sets up quickly and shows a quick release. He was able to throw the deep out with authority. Although not a runner, he can run himself out of trouble when flushed out of the pocket. A perfect candidate for a pro-style offense.
Stats–Completed 147 of 255 passes for 2,438 yds and 25 TDs completing 58% of his passes. He was picked off 14 times.
Grades–His GPA is 3.4.
Favorite Schools–Committed to WISCONSIN.

•••+ Quadir Pendleton 6-4, 185, 4.8 East Orange
A tremendously athletic QB.
On Film–He needs some work on mechanics but does have the long arms, good arm strength, and running skills to develop into a big-time Division I QB. He shows courage in the pocket and when he is forced out the pocket, he can be deadly while throwing on the run. Not yet as consistent as you would like but does a very good job of buying time and waiting for his receivers to get open. He certainly has the arm strength that would attract college attention.
Stats–Threw for over 1,800 yds and 26 TDs and was picked off 7 times in '08. He has 47 TD passes over the past two years so he knows how to find the end zone. His cousin, Will Hill, is a safety at Florida.
Grades–His GPA is 2.7.

•••+ Brandon Hill 6-5, 215, 4.7 Audubon
He certainly has the height, size, and arm strength that would attract college attention.
On Film–He shows very good technique and footwork, he places the ball where it needs to be placed, but he's more of a pocket passer with a short, quick delivery. He also shows athletic ability.
Stats–Earned All-League and All-Region honors for his play at QB.

••• Jaqueiss Gerald 6-2, 175, 4.6 Paterson Catholic
Head Coach Benji Wimberly calls Jaqueiss a diamond in the rough. He really came on strong during his junior campaign and big things are expected of him this year.
On Film–He shows surprising arm strength, can put the ball on the money while throwing on the run, is very capable of making the short to intermediate passer, has a quick release, and he can fit the ball into tight spots. Needs to become more consistent but the athletic ability is certainly there.
Stats–He threw for 1,600 yds and 24 TDs and was picked off 6 times. He also ran for 300 yds and 2 scores breaking the school touchdown record. He totaled 33 tackles, 1 pick, and broke up 4 passes at FS.
Other Sports–He's been timed in an 11.7 100 meters and has long jumped 18½ feet in track.
Grades–His GPA is 2.4.

Other Quarterbacks to Watch:
Nolan Quinn 6-2, 175, 4.6 Cape May CT House Middle Twp.
Trell Myers 6-3, 185, 4.7 Linden
Hugh Kirwan 6-2, 195, 4.7 Montvale Pascack Hills
E.J. Schneider 6-1, 185, 4.6 Morristown Delbarton
Matt Misely 6-3, 205, 4.8 Park Ridge
Mike Quinn 6-2, 190, 4.7 Wayne Hills

Running Backs
••• Gregory Moore 5-9, 170, 4.5 Paterson Catholic
A small but explosive back who impressed a good number of the college scouts this past spring as both an RB and a DB. His head coach Benji Wimberly calls Greg, "The best RB I've coached in 20 years."
On Film–He shows super vision and balance and he can bounce outside quickly. More of a slasher, he has outstanding moves. On defense he is a sure tackler at CB and excels in pass defense situations. He shows natural instincts to diagnose plays and rarely gets fooled showing terrific range. Has what it takes to become a lockdown corner. Needs to add more weight and strength for RB but he certainly shows the production and potential to perform well at that position.
Stats–Averaged 8 yds per carry and totaled 21 TDs on offense. He recorded 49 stops and 1 pick at CB. His cousin, Charles Grant, played at Georgia and with the New Orleans Saints.
Grades–His GPA is 2.5.
Favorite Schools–WV, BC, TN, MD, MIAMI, MI, OH STATE, VA TECH, and NC.

••• Tony Jones 5-7, 183, 4.4 Ramsey Don Bosco
His head coach Greg Toal was telling me about Tony when he was a freshman in high school. He's the most explosive back he's ever coached with great vision, has outstanding running instincts, and the ability to break tackles. He has not grown much since that freshman year, he is still 5-7 but he has put on weight. He's still as cat-quick as he was as a freshman.
Stats–Averaged over 7 yds per carry playing in the toughest league in New Jersey. He has been All-Conference each of the past two years.
Grades–His GPA is 2.5. Benches 225 and has a 32" VJ.

••• Kamal Hogan 5-11, 195, 4.4 Montvale St. Joseph's
He has been the fastest rising back in the state over the past few months and looked good in a lot of one-on-one camps.
On Film–He brings pretty good size and power to the RB position. Shows good speed, quickness, balance, agility, and he's a back who can see the whole field. Dangerous in the open field, he's also strong enough to break tackles. A bruising 195 pounder who runs low to the ground and does a good job of finishing off his runs.
Grades–His GPA is 3.2. Benches 280 and has a 36" VJ.

••• Antonio Sibilia 6-1, 215, 4.55 Nutley
I could just as well rank him as a top linebacker as I am a running back.
On Film–#44 is a powerhouse of a back, he's super strong, and it's almost impossible to bring him down in one-on-one situations. He runs through tackles like the defenders not there, shows some moves, and outstanding straight ahead speed, quickness, and enormous strength. He could make one heck of an FB if he goes along with it. He can run, catch, and block. Just does everything well, he works hard in the weight room and in the film room. On defense he makes plays from sideline to sideline, stops everything up the middle, and has a nose for the ball.
Stats–Had 159 touches last season at TB and did not fumble once. Rushed for 950 yds and 14 TDs and also caught 11 passes for 320 yds and 3 scores. On defense he recorded 78 stops, 1 pick, 18 tackles for losses, and 7 caused fumbles.
Grades–His GPA is 3.0 and he scored an 1130 on the SAT. Benches 485 and has a 29" VJ.

Other Running Backs to Watch:
Giovanni Smith 5-10, 195, 4.5 Rahway
Steve Moore 6-0, 190, 4.5 South River
Isaiah McLean 6-1, 195, 4.55 Union
George Stephens 5-11, 190, 4.5 Asbury Park
Sean McPherson 5-11, 185, 4.4 Franklinville Delsea
Phillip Bhaya 6-1, 180, 4.5 Haddonfield

Wide Receivers
••••+ Shakim Phillips 6-2, 198, 4.5 Wayne DePaul Catholic
On paper this guy presents all the tools needed to become a superstar in college. He is tall, has great hands, a tremendous vertical, and concrete track times.
On Film–He is outstanding. Not yet the superstar he could become, a lower back strain limited his play in '07 but then he came on strong the second half of the '08 season. This guy can sky, proves to be a very fluid athlete, and runs sharp routes. He gets started up field quickly after he makes the catch and shows the strength to break tackles and the elusiveness to avoid tackles. The key to his game is leaping ability and the quick way he accelerates to full speed. He will do nothing but get better the next couple of years and should become a dominating WR in college. He catches everything within reach and can catch outside his frame.
Stats–Caught 40 passes for 786 yds and 10 TDs and also ran the ball 22 times for 290 yds and 3 scores on his way to earning All-League honors.
Other Sports–He's been timed in a 10.7 100 and a 22.7 200 meters in track.
Grades–His GPA is 2.5. Benches 295 and has a 38" VJ.

•••+ Bennett Jackson 6-0, 170, 4.5 Hazlet Raritan
Here's a ball player who has decent size, very good speed, and a great vertical. He may not be the tallest WR around but he's certainly one of the more enigmatic.
On Film–He has not torn things up like you would expect a guy who runs a 10.7 100 meters and with a 39" vertical to do at the high school level. The fact that he has only averaged a little over 12 yds per catch is proof. However, he certainly has what it takes, strong hands, leaping ability, and timing to become a difference maker at the high school level, and 2009 could prove that. I watched the Manasquan game from this past fall and was impressed with Bennett's soft hands, the way he attacks the ball at its highest point, he runs pretty good routes, is able to sell his fakes, and moves well in open space. Just needs to become more consistent but the talent is certainly there. It's fun to watch him make a defender miss in the open field and the quick way he gets off the ball.
Stats–Had 35 catches for 485 yds and 4 TDs as a junior averaging a little over 12 yds per catch.
Other Sports–He's been timed in a 10.7 100 and a 22.4 200 meters in track. He has also long jumped 21' 4" and run the 400 meters in 50.4. In basketball he averages 15 pts a game as a shooting guard.
Grades–His GPA is 3.0. Benches 210 and has a 39" VJ.
Favorite Schools–Committed to NOTRE DAME.

•••+ Terrence Casper 6-6, 190, 4.6 Camden Catholic
What's not to like?
On Film–This is one of the more aggressive and productive red zone receivers in the east. He's great at catching the fade, and once he goes up for a ball it's normally his. Has a pretty good vertical to go with his 6-6½ frame. Very dependable, not a blazer but he catches everything within reach and can turn up field quickly. A good quality receiver, he has large hands and a great attitude.
Stats–Caught 32 passes for 550 yds and 9 TDs in '08. He also recorded 25 solo tackles and 8 picks at FS. He also batted down 10 passes show he has All-American ability at the WR and FS positions.
Grades–His GPA is 2.5. Benches 225 and has a 29" VJ.

•••+ Najee Salaam 6-5, 205, 4.55 Passaic
Certainly for all of you to keep your eye on.
On Film–#7 presents great height, exceptional leaping ability, good hands, runs crisp routes, and has proven to be a big-time threat on a run oriented team. He seems to present all the tools the college scouts are looking for in a go-to receiver. He's a phenomenal athlete in both football and basketball. He's a long strider who knows how to get himself open and when it comes to jump balls, he's very difficult to beat. Slim is always a red zone threat because of his speed, height, and leaping ability.
Stats–Caught 26 passes for over 400 yds and 5 TDs in '08 and also totaled over 30 tackles at FS.
Other Sports–In basketball he averages 15 pts and 13 rebounds a game as an FW.
Grades–His GPA is over a 2.0. He only benches 185 but does have a 40" VJ.

••• Andrew Opoku 6-4, 210, 4.65 North Brunswick
He has improved by leaps and bounds over the past season.
On Film–He's a physical gifted WR with deceptive speed, good leaping ability, and good concentration. He has really improved his hands and rarely drops a pass. Not real fast but he knows how to get open. He shows some explosiveness out of his breaks and could be a deep threat because of his burst. He tracks passes well over his head and can adjust his routes.
Stats–Earned some All-League mention at WR.
Grades–His GPA is over a 2.5.
Favorite Schools–Committed to TEMPLE.

••• Elijah Lee 6-0, 180, 4.4 Union
An explosive athlete who, on film, might be ranked as a four-star player but he broke his collarbone in the fourth game last season and had to sit out the rest of the year.
On Film–What I did see of him on film was a very quick off the ball and sure handed receiver who can create in the open field. A long ball threat, he can track the ball. He shows explosiveness off the ball, attacks the ball at its highest point, and is a joy to watch in the open field. He's also not an easy takedown, and can be a pretty effective downfield blocker.
Stats–Caught 15 passes for 378 yds and 4 TDs in just four games so big things are expected of him in the '09 season.
Favorite Schools–MD, MI STATE, DUKE, IOWA, RUTGERS, and PITT

Other Wide Receivers to Watch:
Corey Reeder 6-2, 180, 4.6 Pemberton
Charles Cooper 6-0, 170, 4.5 Cape May CT House Middle Twp.
Damien Thomas 5-11, 175, 4.5 East Orange
Ibn Campbell 6-3, 185, 4.6 Elizabeth
Jawaun Wynn 6-3, 185, 4.5 Piscataway
Chris Alston 6-2, 190, 4.5 Princeton-The Hun School

Tight Ends
•••+ Jarrett Darmstatter 6-4, 240, 4.8 Barnegat
He has come out of nowhere to become one of the most recruited TE prospects in the east.
On Film–Jarrett is already a devastating blocker, it's like having a third tackle on your team. He can move his feet, is an excellent drive blocker, stays with his blocks until the whistle, can redirect, and shows excellent agility and body control. As a receiver he shows soft hands and the ability to turn up field quickly. Plays on a run oriented team so he hasn't had a whole lot of chances but when he does, he makes the most of it.
Stats–Last season caught only 8 passes but they did go for 135 yds and 3 TDs averaging close to 17 yds per catch.

••• John Weiss 6-4, 230, 4.7 Wayne DePaul Catholic
He certainly presents good size and quick feet to the college recruiters.
On Film–#84 also shows good hands, the ability to get off the line quickly, and has proven to be a very solid blocker. He does everything well and once he add a little bit more weight and strength, look out. He's got a great work ethic, runs precise routes, can catch the ball away from his body, and shows some quickness after the catch. One of the more reliable and dependable TE prospects in the east.
Stats–Caught 15 passes for 210 yds and 4 scores as a junior.
Grades–His GPA is 2.8. Benches 315 and has a 32" VJ.

••• Sherard Cadogan 6-3, 230, 4.6 Camden Catholic
A bull of a TE with unusual athletic ability for a 230 pounder.
On Film–He's an exceptional leaper, catches everything thrown his way, and can catch the ball at its highest point. Very athletic, he's a highly competitive and tough kid who is also able to catch passes in traffic. Reads coverages easily and knows how to get open.
Stats–Last season he caught 35 passes for 481 yds and 5 TDs on his way to earning All-League honors.
Grades–His GPA is 3.9.

••• Tyler Johnson 6-6, 225, 4.8 Wanaque Lakeland Regional
Of all the tight ends in the state Tyler may be the one with the most potential.
On Film–He shows exceptionally quick feet, he's already a Division I run blocker, shows strong and steady hands when blocking and receiving, and impresses everyone with his attitude. Has the frame to weigh 250 in college. Comes off the snap quickly and shows surprising strength and balance. Highly motivated and tough, he can make the difficult catch on short routes and has proven to be a load to bring down.
Stats–Earned 1st Team All-Area honors catching over 800 yds in passes.
Favorite Schools–Committed to TEMPLE.

Other Tight Ends to Watch:
James Walton 6-3, 225, 4.7 Columbus Northern Burlington
Harold Spears 6-5, 215, 4.6 Pennington School

Offensive Linemen
•••+ Danny Foose 6-6, 305, 5.3 Paramus Catholic
He certainly has the size, long arms, and quick feet that the college scouts clamor for.
On Film–Danny seems to be a work in progress but talent-wise, he has a very high ceiling. He really came into his own the second half of last season. He sets a solid base, can slide and mirror, and does a good job of keeping defenders off his QB. A very good run blocker who plays hard, he's been blessed with quick hands and even quicker feet.
Stats–Earned All-League and All-Area honors for his play at OT.
Grades–His GPA is

•••+ Jake Kaufman 6-8½, 325, 5.2 Jersey City St. Peter's Prep
In person this guy looks like a monster, he's as big as advertised and well proportioned.
On Film–He's a dominating run blocker with great strength and work ethic. He comes at you on every play, has the bulk and strength to dominate at the high school level, shows decent footwork in pass protection, and can overwhelm high school defenders at the point of attack. Not as agile as you would like but when you are 6-8 and 325 pounds, you don't need to be too agile. He's pretty new to football, he has only played a couple of years but gets better with each passing game. He could become a dominating LT at the next level.
Stats–Earned All-Conference honors for his play at OT.

•••+ James Kittredge 6-4, 255, 5.0 Ramsey Don Bosco Prep
He really stood out in one-on-one drills at combines this spring and college scouts have been enamored with his potential.
On Film–He shows a great frame, should weigh 300 pounds in college, runs well, has a great motor, and never stops until the whistle blows. Technically sound, he's a very good athlete at 255 pounds.
Stats–Earned 1st Team All-Conference honors at OT.
Grades–His GPA is 3.2. Benches 330 and has a 28" VJ.
Favorite Schools–His father played football at the University of South Carolina. His favorites are RUTGERS, PITT, MD, NC STATE, DUKE, VA, MI STATE, SC, and VANDY.

•••+ Jorge Vicioso 6-5, 295, 5.4 Passaic
A couple of high school coaches in the league told me that with a little work, he could turn out to be a real gem.
On Film–I know what they are saying, Jorge is as tough as nails. This guy goes after defenders hard on every single play, and he's an excellent pass, zone, and run blocker. He plays LT in high school but has the flexibility, change of direction, and burst to become an outstanding guard at the next level. He is tough, smart, and fundamentally sound.
Other Sports–Was 27 and 6 as a heavyweight wrestler.
Grades–His GPA is over a 2.5. Benches 265.
Favorite Schools–Committed to RUTGERS.

•••+ Betim Bujari 6-4, 290, 5.1 Secaucus
An OL with natural strength.
On Film–He can hold the point of attack, drives his feet on contact, and plays a tough, aggressive game. Has the speed to lead block and the athleticism to play either tackle or guard in college. Very flexible, he's a knee bender and can sink his hips into blocks. Always seems to get very good leverage.
Stats–Earned All-League honors in '08.
Grades–His GPA is
Favorite Schools–Committed to RUTGERS.

•••+ Chris Fonti 6-7, 300, 5.3 Wayne Hills
Some people project him as a project, I project him as a future All-American.
On Film–This young man shows good footwork and he's a good all around athlete for a 300 pounder. He has the frame to weigh 320-330 in college. Not yet as consistent as you would like, but the potential is there for future stardom.
Other Sports–He's a standout FW in basketball.
Grades–His GPA is over a 3.0.
Favorite Schools–Committed to RUTGERS.

•••+ Frank Quartucci 6-4, 290, 5.0 Hamilton West
A high school tackle who could make the move to guard in college.
On Film–Frank proves to be a determined ball player with good technique and focus. He shows a great knowledge of the game of football. He is a physical run blocker with a take no prisoners attitude and he plays hard until the whistle doing a good job of finishing off his blocks.
Stats–Earned All-League honors for his play at tackle.
Favorite Schools–Committed to RUTGERS.

••• Kevin Mustac 6-4, 270, 5.1 Rutherford St. Mary
A couple of local coaches I talked to believe he could be a great one when fully developed.
On Film–He is already an outstanding two-way tackle with good movement skills. One of the more physical offensive linemen in the league, he has the agility and flexibility to make every block look easy. He has proven to be a powerful player with good lower body strength and leverage. He's been blessed with long arms and an aggressive style of play.

Other Offensive Linemen to Watch:
Bryan Leoni 6-6, 360, 5.5 Flemington Hunterdon Central
Sam Mironov 6-6, 330, 5.4 Flemington Hunterdon Central
Keith Lumpkin 6-8, 270, 5.2 Jersey City St. Peter's Prep
Anthony Wilkins 6-5, 320, 5.3 Jersey City St. Peter's Prep
Ken Hall 6-6, 340, 5.5 Plainfield
Andrew Wary 6-4, 270, 5.0 Point Pleasant Boro
Steve Santner 6-4, 285, 5.1 Basking Ridge
George Grosz 6-5, 275, 5.0 Clifton
Zach Hundertmark 6-5, 275, 4.8 W. Windsor-Plainsboro South

Defensive Linemen
••••• Chris Martin 6-4, 240, 4.6 Princeton The Hun School
It took me a while to track down Mr. Martin. Last season we had him as a future All-American playing for Oakland O'Dowd. I interviewed him in Oakland in June of '08, then I once again interviewed him in Phoenix in March of '09, and here we are now in Central New Jersey. Believe it or not, he's the #1 prospect in the state of New Jersey. He would have been the #1 prospect in northern California had he remained there.
On Film–This guy is all that he's cracked up to be. I picked up his film when I met him in Phoenix and he had a better junior year than sophomore year, which is saying a lot. Despite constant double-teaming and a slow start, he really took off by mid season and no one could touch him. He shows great closing speed, covers a lot of ground, and shows the ability to read plays. Excellent while in pursuit, he played more OLB than DE but should grow into an outstanding DE. He's been blessed with very long arms and exceptionally quick feet. If he plays the game with a chip on his shoulder than he would most certainly become an All-American in college. He dominated the Hayward game from start to finish last November. Looks very thin at 240 and should weigh 270-280 in college. At the high school level he's done a great job using his long arms to leverage blockers and hold the point of attack. He quickly sheds blockers and shows the kind of burst the college coaches like when closing in on the QB.
Stats–Earned 1st Team All-Metro and All-State honors in '08 after totaling 110 tackles, 3 QB sacks, 35 tackles for losses, 4 caused fumbles, and a team high 11 passes batted down.
Other Sports–He's been timed in an 11.2 100 meters and long jumped 22½ feet in track. He averages 12 pts and 9 rebounds a game as an FW in basketball.
Grades–His GPA is 2.9. Benches 335 and has a 31" VJ.
Favorite Schools–Committed to NOTRE DAME.

••••+ Trevor Clemmings 6-6, 260, 4.7 Paterson Catholic
The fastest rising prospect in the east, he ranks as one of the top two players in the state of New Jersey.
On Film–T.J. has played only one year of football. Before then, he thought he was going to be a big-time basketball player but had to make a sudden about face when he realized that his future would be in football. With just one year of football under his belt, you can see why so many people are excited about his future. He has the ability to shed blockers and make plays while on the run. He shows the explosive burst off the ball the college scouts are looking for in a DE, has the strong hands to defeat blockers in one-on-one situations, and is able to close in on QB's for the sack. Very strong, he's exceptionally athletic and kind of reminds me of Jevon Kearse. Looks thin at 260 but has been blessed with the long arms and long legs needed to become an elite DE. He also flashes the ability to crash the play before it gets started. He was able to accelerate down the line like no one's business. Not yet an elite player but certainly has that kind of potential.
Stats–Recorded 48 tackles, 6 sacks, 2 tackles for losses, and 1 caused fumble, which he returned 30 yds for a score.
Grades–His GPA is 3.2. Benches 315 and has a 34" VJ.
Favorite Schools–Committed to PITT.

•••• Brandon Sacco 6-3, 260, 4.9 Ramsey Don Bosco Prep
You've got to love his heart and work ethic.
On Film–#70 displays the kind of skills that would endear him to an offensive or defensive coordinator. Plays tackle on offense and has proven to be an outstanding run blocker with great technique. On defense he plays tackle where he proves to be very productive as a run stuffer. He's also an aggressive bull rusher who has the size and strength to collapse the pocket, strong hands, and plays the game with great motivation. At the next level he will wind up playing either OLG or DT. A nimble footed 260 pounder with enormous strength.
Stats–Earned All-State mention for his play at DT.
Grades–His GPA is 3.0 and he scored a 1500 on the SAT. Benches 350 and has a 32" VJ.
Favorite Schools–Committed to PITT.

•••• Kevin Haplea 6-4, 230, 4.75 Annandale North Hunterdon Reg.
A blue chip DE/TE and one of the better two-way performers in the region.
On Film–He shows exceptional quickness at TE, good hands, and shows the ability to run with the ball after the catch. On defense Kevin has a nose for the ball, uses his hands and quick feet to play off blocks, and shows very good closing speed.
Stats–Caught 17 passes on offense, and he totaled 9 sacks at DE, and is the school's all-time sack leader.

••• Chris Woods 6-1, 315, 5.1 East Orange
The coaches in his league have nothing but high praise for this DT. He has kind of a Budda-like, not exceptionally fast, but he does shows good quickness in a limited space. He's perfectly suited for the NG position.
On Film–This guy can disrupt the flow of a game with his strength and initial quickness. He gets good leverage. He's not a major threat to get to the QB but can be productive when he plays with leverage and uses his great strength to his advantage.
Stats–Recorded 41 tackles, 2 sacks, 4 tackles for losses, and 3 caused fumbles in '08.
Grades–His GPA is over a 2.0. Benches 300.

••• Dwayne Bailey 6-2, 270, 4.9 Paterson Catholic
Here's another ball player whose keyword should be patience. Considered a suspect heading into the second half of last season but really came on strong when he began to start for Paterson Catholic. A DT, he could weigh close to 300 pounds within a year or two. Head Coach Benji Wimberly loves this young man's potential, quick feet and strength.
On Film–He wasn’t exceptionally productive last year but did have a couple of elite games, one in which I saw him make 9 tackles with one for a loss. He can be a disruptive force but needs to become more consistent, and he does have the quickness and strength to get into the backfield quickly and disrupt the play. He is also strong enough to drive a blocker backwards, and the body control and burst to nab the QB.
Stats–Total 21 solo tackles, 2 sacks, and 1 tackles for losses in '08.
Grades–His GPA is 2.3. Benches 320.

••• Dante Weaver 6-3, 320, 5.1 New Brunswick
His coach says he could be a great one.
On Film–He proves to be an extremely powerful DT with exceptional balance for a 320 pounder. Not super fast but quicker than most 320 pounders. As you would expect, he does a good job of standing blockers up at the point of attack, shows the strength to hold his ground, and to collapse the pocket. He's also able to make tackles in pursuit. Although not a major threat when in pursuit of the QB, he certainly has the size, balance and strength to dominate at the next level.
Stats–Earned All-League honors for his play at DT. His GPA is over a 2.5.
Favorite Schools–Committed to TEMPLE.

••• Rashaun Smith 6-2, 270, 4.9 Bridgeton
Here is someone for all of you to keep an eye on. I believe he's one of the top prospects in south Jersey.
On Film–He plays the game at full speed on every play. He has the intangibles that the scouts are looking for in an DT, he's excellent in pursuit, plays the game on his feet, and strong enough to handle the double-team.
Stats–Earned All-South Jersey honors in '08 after totaling 116 tackles and 8 QB sacks.
Favorite Schools–RUTGERS, PITT, NE, VA, TN, and WV.

••• Bryan Murphy 6-2, 230, 4.6 Ramsey Don Bosco
A tough kid who loves to mix it up.
On Film–This guy's motor is always running. He hustles on every play, is excellent in pursuit, and does a good job of disengaging and finding the ball. Plays the game on his feet, can redirect quickly, and has the frame to weigh over 260 in college. One of the more underrated ball players in the east, he's a blue collar kid who loves to play the game.
Grades–His GPA is 3.0. Benches 325 and has a 34" VJ.
Favorite Schools–Committed to PITTSBURGH.

Other Defensive Linemen to Watch:
Matt Cardona 6-4, 250, 4.9 Clark Johnson Regional
Jamil Davis 6-4, 225, 4.8 Camden High
Anthony Alosi 6-5, 255, 4.9 Marlton Cherokee
Hassan Purdie 6-4, 265, 4.8 Newark Shavazz
Wayne Carter 6-3, 300, 5.0 Sicklerville Timber Creek

•••+ Ryan Cobb 6-1, 225, 4.52 Ramsey Don Bosco Prep
He had an outstanding junior year at OLB and then looked fantastic at a couple of combines this year.
On Film–He's very fast and uses his speed off the edge to harass the league's quarterbacks. He shows very good speed for a 225 pounder, reacts quickly, and chases down plays to the outside. He does a good job of filtering through traffic, finding the ball, and shows a good closing burst. Ryan is also one of the strongest linebackers in the east and blockers have one heck of a time handling him because of his quickness and strength.
Stats–Recorded 80 tackles, 9 sacks, 10 tackles for losses, and 2 caused fumbles playing both OLB and SS. On offense he caught 40 passes for 510 yds and 8 TDs at WR.
Other Sports–He's been timed in an 11.1 100, a 23 flat 200 meters, and has long jumped close to 20', thrown the shot put 45', and the discus 129' in track.
Grades–His GPA is 3.7. Benches 375 and has a 35" VJ.
Favorite Schools–Committed to VIRGINIA.

••• Bryant Worts 6-1, 225, 4.55 Jersey City Ferris
Here is an LB with the athletic ability, determination, and the strength to become a dominating ILB in college.
On Film–He reads plays quickly and is very quick getting to the ball. He has great reactions, will not stay blocked, and once he identifies the play, he is able to accelerate quickly and run down ball players from behind. An exceptional talent at both the FB and ILB positions. He also shows the body control, quickness, and backpedal to quickly drop back into the passing lane and has proven to be the complete LB. I was particularly impressed with him in the Hoboken game in which he dominated defending against the run and the pass.
Stats–Recorded a team high 179 tackles, 10 sacks, 22 tackles for losses, and 1 caused fumble at ILB.
Grades–His GPA is 2.8 and he scored a 720 on the SAT. Benches 365.

••• Nate Smith 6-1, 215, 4.6 Highland Park
He's considered to be one of the better two-way players in the state of New Jersey.
On Film–He's one of the quickest LB's in the east and does a good job of taking on and shedding blockers. He's pretty good at attacking plays in front of him but shows terrific sideline to sideline speed, he can break down in the open field and make plays, and is consistently around the ball. He shows the speed and acceleration you're looking for in a big-time college LB. He could wind up playing either ILB or OLB in college.
Stats–Earned 3rd Team All-State honors in '08 after totaling 124 tackles and 12 sacks. His brother plays in the NFL.
Grades–His GPA is over a 2.5.

••• Ian Evans 6-3, 230, 4.6 Hammonton
His coach calls him the best athlete he's had in 20 years.
On Film–I can see what the coach is talking about, Ian is a very gifted 230 pounder who can run, plays the game with strength, and also plays it on his feet. I'm impressed with him not only as an ILB but also at the TE position. He has impressive footwork, is able to read and react quickly, and excels at stopping the run.
Stats–Totaled over 80 tackles on defense and caught 14 passes with 6 of them going for scores at TE.
Favorite Schools–Committed to MARYLAND.

••• Joe Falato 6-3, 235, 4.8 Lodi
A big, solid run stuffing ILB.
On Film–He has dominated the league over the past couple of years. He lacks elite speed but shows very good quickness, and does a good job of taking on blockers, keeping his feet, and finding the ball. Very durable, he's tough and aggressive.
Stats–Recorded 124 stops, 4 sacks, and 9 tackles for losses on his way to earning All-Bergen County honors in '08 and leading his team into the playoffs.

Other Linebackers to Watch:
Miles Turpin 6-2, 215, 4.7 East Orange
Doug Rigg 6-1, 215, 4.6 Oradell Bergen Catholic
T.J. Kowal 6-1, 240, 4.7 Wayne DePaul Catholic
Domonique Carter 6-1, 200, 4.4 East Orange

Defensive Backs
•••+ K'Wauan Williams 5-9, 180, 4.55 Montvale-St. Joseph's
Everyone came to this school to look at Kamal Hogan but also came away very impressed with his outstanding cover corner.
On Film–K'Wauan shows brilliant quickness, change of direction, fluid hips, breaks quickly to the ball and is a sure tackler. He shows the ability to jam receivers on the line and he can cover as well as anyone in the state of New Jersey.
Stats–Totaled over 50 tackles and broke up 9 passes on his way to earning 1st Team All-Conference honors.
Favorite Schools–Committed to PITTSBURGH.

•••+ J.T. Tartacoff 5-11, 178, 4.4 Skillman Montgomery
An athlete who could wind up playing WR, FS, or CB at the next level and he's one of the fastest players in the state of New Jersey.
On Film–J.T. impresses you with his running ability at RB, his sure hands, and he has elite speed, vision, and balance. He was used sparingly at DB but did show good speed to the ball, he can turn his hips, and he excels in one-on-one situations. J.T. is also considered to be the top kickoff returner in the state of New Jersey. He has not had a lot of experience on defense but once he learns the position, look out.
Stats–Carried the ball 79 times for 598 yds and 5 TDs. He also caught 36 passes for 734 yds and 8 scores averaging 20 yds per catch. He averaged 51 yds on 6 kickoff returns.
Grades–His GPA is 3.3. Benches 290 and has a 37" VJ.
Favorite Schools–Committed to RUTGERS.

••• Malcolm Griggs 6-2, 190, 4.58 Piscataway
A high school QB with a pretty good arm and outstanding running skills.
On Film–He's a leader with a great knowledge of the game. On defense he shows the ability to make big plays. He's been blessed with great range, can turn his hips, is very active, and he can break down in space and make plays. He just has not had a whole lot of experience on defense, but once he does, look out. A big, physical guy, he loves to hit.
Stats–Completed 83 of 140 passes for 1,400 yds and 19 TDs and ran for 399 yds and 5 TDs on 63 carries. He also recorded 20 stops and 1 pick at FS.
Other Sports–Averages 10 pts and 3 rebounds a game as a guard in basketball.
Grades–His GPA is 2.8. Benches 235 and has a 31" VJ.

••• Tejay Johnson 6-2, 185, 4.35 Egg Harbor Township
From his coaches mouth . . . this young man has gigantic upside.
On Film–The coach is right, anytime you can run a 4.35 40 and you're 6' 2" in height, your ceiling is unlimited. Not yet a difference maker type of DB, he can play either FS or CB, but is quick, athletic, and consistently around the ball. A playmaker who can turn and run.
Stats–Earned All-South Jersey honors for his play at CB.
Grades–His GPA is over a 2.5.

••• Corey Davis 5-10, 170, 4.4 Jersey City St. Peter's Prep
A lot of the attention has gone to OL Jake Kaufman but believe Corey has proven to be an exceptional athlete.
On Film–He shows good strength, big-time quickness, reads quarterbacks well, has good recovery speed, and a compact and efficient backpedal.
Stats–Earned All-League honors for his play at CB.
Grades–His GPA is 2.5. Has a 34" VJ.
Favorite Schools–PITT, MD, SYRACUSE, VANDY, RUTGERS, and OR.

••• Dontae Johnson 6-3, 190, 4.5 Pennington School
A basketball star who is now turning his attention to the FS position.
On Film–Dontae proves to be an excellent football player with a bright future. In fact, he has as much or more potential as any DB in the state of New Jersey. Once he concentrates completely on football, look out. He shows great range, gets a great break on the ball, reads well, shows some toughness when coming up to stop the run and can make plays from sideline to sideline. Not as consistent as you would like but athletic enough to improve with every game.
Stats–Earned some All-League recognition for his play at FS.
Other Sports–He's a standout FW in basketball.
Grades–His GPA is 3.8.

Other Defensive Backs to Watch:
Simuel Williams 5-10, 170, 4.4 New Brunswick
Nico Steriti 6-0, 185, 4.5 Toms River East

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