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Recruiting in Tennessee


•••+ Barry Brunetti 6-2, 207, 4.55 Memphis University
I first caught sight of Berry down in San Antonio at the Combine.
On Film–I was impressed with #11's quick feet, arm strength, and ability to turn a bad play into a good one. He had a dominating game against Olive Branch last fall. He continues to improve with every game. He is perfectly suited for a pro-style or spread offense. He can do it all. He shows great awareness. He is a smart, athletic signal caller who plays with a lot of poise and has proven to be an elusive runner who is difficult to trap in the pocket. Not yet a difference maker, but he has that kind of potential.
Stats–He threw for 1,327 yds and 18 TDs on his way to earning All-Memphis Area honors in '08.
Other Sports–He averages 5 pts and 2 rebounds a game as a guard in basketball.
Grades–His GPA is 3.0. Benches 275 and has a 33½ VJ.
Favorite Schools–Committed to WEST VIRGINIA.

••• Fred Flenorl 6-1, 185, 4.6 Memphis Whitehaven
He has a way to go as far as QBs are concerned, but I did like his potential.
On Film–#2 is a very strong player, he has good footwork, and amazing vision in the pocket. He seems to always know when a receiver gets open and stands strong in the pocket. Although he plays in a pro-style offense he can, under pressure, run for positive yardage. He is not real tall but he does have Division I arm strength. He dominated the Mitchell game.
Stats–He threw for over 900 yds and 15 TDs in '08.
Grades–His GPA is 2.7.
Favorite Schools–MEMPHIS, OLE MISS, LSU, AL, and UNC.

••• Bo Wallace 6-2, 180, 4.6 Polaski Giles County
He possesses decent height and a very good arm.
On Film–Bo not only has a good arm but a very live arm. He is a student of the game who can effectively hit receivers while on the run, he stands strong in the pocket, and delivers a nice catchable ball. He definitely shows the speed, smarts, and arm strength to get the job done.
Stats–He threw for 1,696 yds, 15 TDs, and completed 59% of his passes. He was picked off 9 times in '08.

••• Deion Woods 6-1, 215, 4.6 Memphis Kirby
He is solidly built with a live arm.
On Film–Deion shows good athleticism, he's an accurate passer who is cool under pressure, and adds that extra dimension of foot speed to the QB position.
Stats–Completed 106 of 210 passes for 1,828 yds and 18 TDs and was picked off 11 times.

Other Quarterbacks to Watch:
Darian Stone 6-2, 195, 4.6 Clinton
Cy Ables 6-5, 205, 4.7 Athens McMinn County
Trey McPhail 6-3, 205, 4.7 Nashville Father Ryan

Running Backs
•••• Orleans Opoku-Darkwa 5-11, 200, 4.5 Nashville Ensworth
He was recommended by Nashville resident Tim McGraw.
On Film–Orleans impresses you with his surprising speed, quickness, and the ability to break tackles. He shows good vision, does a great job of hiding behind his blockers until the last second, and then bursts out passed surprised defenders for big chunks of yardage. He keeps his pads low and does a good job of finishing off his runs. He is not super big or fast, but he certainly gets the job done and shows Division I skills. He is a surprisingly strong inside runner who has the moves and burst to cause damage outside.
Stats–He rushed for 1,412 yds and 13 TDs averaging 8.1 yds per carry in '08 on his way to earning All-Nashville Area honors.
Grades–His GPA is over 3.0. Has a 34" VJ.
Favorite Schools–AL, GA, TN, VANDY, UAB, UCLA, and IL.

•••+ Eric Watson 5-10, 210, 4.5 Memphis Melrose
Eric is definitely a tough guy to figure out. During my two trips through Memphis I could not track him down at Melrose or at Olive Branch where he was rumored to be heading. However, I did get a hold of some junior film and I was impressed enough to rank him as a potential All-American. He has played at three schools in two years, so there is some concern.
On Film–There is no concern about his ability. If Eric wants to, he can become a go-to back at the next level. He's been blessed with terrific vision and balance, has very good strength, and runs through many first-contact hits. He catches the ball well on screens and shows the kind of potential you are looking for in a go-to back.
Stats–He is a two-time All-Stater who averages over 8 yds per carry.
Grades–His GPA is close to 2.0. Squats 550.
Favorite Schools–MEMPHIS, OLE MISS, AL, and MISS STATE.

••• Keith McBride 6-0, 205, 4.5 Memphis University
Believe it or not I was at this school in March to interview his QB and it was my mistake not to check up on other players. I eventually found out about Keith when I received his film and I was impressed.
On Film–He's a good sized back with vision, power, and balance. He runs hard between the tackles and does a good job of finishing off his runs. He shows some burst, excellent cutting ability, and should blossom into a full-time star this season.
Grades–His GPA is over a 2.5.
Favorite Schools–OLE MISS, MEMPHIS, DUKE, ARMY, and VANDY.

••• Tony Jefferson 6-0, 188, 4.4 Memphis Whitehaven
Tony was with us down in San Antonio and impressed me at both the RB and DB positions.
On Film–He shows great footwork, amazing vision, and the ability to pick and slide. He can cut on a dime, but is more of a slashing back who rarely takes a hard hit. I watched his Mitchell game in which he broke straight up the middle for 70 yds and a score going untouched using his moves and speed to keep defenders at bay.
Stats–He carried the balls 100 times for over 900 yds and 10 TDs and earned All-League honors at TB.
Grades–His GPA is close to 2.5. Benches 235 and has a 32" VJ.
Favorite Schools–AL, GA, TN, MEMPHIS, OLE MISS, FL, and AR.

••• Keith Mayse 5-10, 190, 4.35 Chattanooga Red Bank
The word here is speed, Keith has plenty of it and uses it to his advantage at the TB position.
On Film–He proves to be a good all-around athlete with surprising strength and he also shows some stop-and-go ability. He has the ability to get to full speed in the wink of an eye and he does it often. He is a playmaker who can score from any part of the field. He has the kind of speed you also like at the CB position so keep an eye on a move to that spot.
Stats–He earned some All-League mention at RB.
Grades–His GPA is over 2.5. Benches 300 and squats 450.

••• Alex Ford 5-11, 180, 4.5 Franklin
I had trouble tracking down his film but could not ignore his great 2008 stats. He is a decent sized back with plenty of speed and moves.
Stats–In 12 games he rushed 1,401 yds and 20 TDs averaging 11.8 yds per carry. He is an elusive back with all-the-way kind of speed.

Other Running Backs to Watch:
Cody Forbes 6-0, 185, 4.5 Elizabethton
Sir Gregory Thornton 6-1, 185, 4.53 Germantown
D'Andre Purty 5-11, 205, 4.5 Knoxville Farragut
Dorian Cozart 5-9, 185, 4.5 Knoxville Central
Jobronski Gilbert 5-10, 195, 4.6 Milan
Tobias Houston 5-8, 200, 4.5 Pulaski Giles County

Wide Receivers
•••• Keiwone Malone 6-1, 165, 4.5 Memphis Mitchell
He is the #1 WR prospect in the state of Tennessee.
On Film–Keiwone has proven very much to be the go-to guy over the past two years. He is blessed with game-breaking speed, good leaping ability, strong hands, and football instincts. He is a home run threat every time he touches the ball. He makes the difficult catch look routine and, despite his lack of size and strength, he will compete for the ball in traffic. Once he gains a little weight and gets stronger, look out.
Stats–He had a remarkable junior campaign earning 1st Team All-State honors after catching 76 passes for 1,438 yds and 19 TDs and averaging 19 per catch.
Grades–His GPA is 3.0.
Favorite Schools–Committed to ALABAMA.

•••• Lee Vandyne 6-2, 185, 4.49 Knoxville Farragut
He is another very productive WR with very good speed.
On Film–He seems to win every jump ball battle, he can go deep, and he shows strong hands. He also shows the toughness to battle for balls in traffic and when taking a hard hit, hangs on to the ball. He is another game-breaking threat and one of the top two prospects in east Tennessee.
Stats–He earned class 5A All-State honors after catching 50 passes for 949 yds and 9 TDs averaging 19 yds per catch.

••• Mark Gooch 6-2, 175, 4.5 Murfreesboro Siegel
Another standout from the Nashville area.
On Film–Mark showed the speed, quickness, hands, and burst to become an effective WR at the next level. He can run with the ball after the catch and is very exciting in the open field. He can out run most defenders and is a go-to guy who loves to create in the open field.
Stats–He caught 45 passes for over 1,000 yds in '08 on his way to earning All-Mid Tennessee and All-State honors.

••• Rico Brown 5-10, 165, 4.4 Pulaski Giles County
He is small but explosive.
On Film–Rico is Mr. Excitement once he gets into the open field. He is a playmaker from the word go. He does a great job of creating after the catch. He runs precise routes and knows how to get himself open.
Stats–He caught 32 passes for 800 yds averaging an eye-popping 25 yds per catch.

Other Wide Receivers to Watch:
Joseph Wilbert 6-3, 180, 4.6 Nashville Hunters Lane
William Tanner 5-11, 170, 4.5 Nashville MBA
Emmanuel Andrews 5-11, 175, 4.5 Shelbyville
Jamial King 6-4, 190, 4.55 Cleveland
Bryant Belew 6-4, 195, 4.6 Columbia Central
Taylor Hodge 5-11, 175, 4.45 Elizabethton

Tight Ends
•••• Tyler Robinson 6-4, 255, 4.7 Alcoa
He is one of the top two prospects in eastern Tennessee. This kid appears to have all the tools to become an All-American at either TE or DE.
On Film–Tyler catches everything within sight and impresses you with his surprising speed. He gets off the line and into his routes quickly, and shows the hands, body control, and athletic ability to adjust to poorly thrown balls. He is deceptively strong and tough. He shows soft hands and an excellent burst. He is blessed with great size. On defense, he comes off the edge with quickness and purpose. He also shows good closing speed.
Stats–He caught 26 passes for 477 yds and 7 TDs averaging 18.3 yds per catch on his way to earning All-State honors. He is a complete TE who can run, catch, and block.
Grades–His GPA is over 2.5.
Favorite Schools–KY, VA TECH, DUKE, OLE MISS, TN, and VANDY.

•••+ Harrison Jones 6-4, 220, 4.8 Cordova Evangelical Christian
He is one of the top prospects in the Memphis area.
On Film–Harrison shows good hands and runs very good routes. He is a natural athlete with the frame to keep growing. He can create mismatches with his height, hands, burst, and body control. Harrison is a player that competes hard on every down and knows how to get open.
Stats–He earned All-League honors for his play at TE.
Grades–His GPA is 3.7.
Favorite Schools–AL, TN, OLE MISS, STANFORD, and VANDY. His brother plays for Alabama.

••• Joseph Henderson 6-5, 255, 4.69 Fayetteville Lincoln County
His coaches claim the 40 time is legit.
On Film–Joseph uses that great speed to his advantage as pass rusher at DE and a receiver at TE. He is a very strong 255 pounder who is an outstanding run blocker on offense and was a mismatch on defense when coming off the edge. He plays low and always seems to get good leverage. He could wind up at either spot in college.
Stats–He earned All-League honors for his play at DE.
Grades–His GPA is over 2.5.

••• Trevei Pryor 6-7, 245, 4.8 Knoxville Austin-East
He is a basketball star with freakish athletic ability who, if he concentrates on football, look out.
On Film–Trevei seems to do everything effortlessly. He has yet to become a dominating player, but if he focuses completely on football then look out.
Stats–He totaled over 50 tackles on defense and averaged 15 yds per catch on offense.
Other Sports–He is a stand out PFW in basketball and averages 18 pts a game.
Grades–His GPA is over 2.5.

Future All-American
Keilyn Wells 6-5, 226, 4.7 Memphis Whitehaven
Already the #1 TE prospect in the Memphis area and he will only be a junior this season. He will also be considered the top DE prospect in the junior class.
On Film–He's been blessed with extremely long arms, long legs, and the body to develop into an outstanding pass rusher. On offense, he is a sure handed receiver who can turn and run with ball and improves as a blocker with every game.
Stats–He totaled 55 tackles, 2 sacks, and 2 caused fumbles last season on defense and averaged 14 yds per catch on offense.
Grades–His GPA is 3.8.
Favorite Schools–Right now FL, USC, MIAMI, FSU, ASU, TN, LOUISVILLE and MEMPHIS lead the way.

Offensive Linemen
••••+ James Stone 6-4½, 297, 5.1 Nashville Maplewood
He is the #1 OL prospect in the state of Tennessee.
On Film–#64 proves to be an intelligent player with good footwork and a relentless style of play. He is exceptionally aggressive, quick, and relentless. He shows good body control, leverage, and strength. His feet are always moving and he plays a physical brand of football with a mean streak a mile long. He always seems to get good positioning and never takes a play off. He has the frame to weigh between 320-330 pounds in college. He has become one of the most recruited OL prospects in the country. He plays LT in high school and could wind up playing OG in college. He works hard to improve his game. He dominated the semi-final game last November.
Stats–He earned the city of Nashville Dream Team honors in '08. He graded out at a remarkable 98% in his blocking assignments and did not allow a sack.
Grades–His GPA is 3.8 and he scored a 24 on the ACT.

•••• Zak Tait 6-4, 315, 5.4 Knoxville Catholic
A severe knee injury caused him to red shirt one year and he is now a member of the class of 2010.
On Film–Zak appears to be healthy and when he is, he is definitely one of the top OL prospects in Tennessee. He is a power blocker who works hard to sustain his blocks, shows pretty good speed for a 315 pounder, plays with a solid base, and can effectively slide and mirror. He has the body control and agility to play either tackle or guard at the next level. He shows excellent straight-ahead speed and strength.
Stats–A couple of years ago he earned All-City honors for his play at OT. He will also play DT this season.
Grades–His GPA is over 3.0.
Favorite Schools–CO, NM, TN, AUBURN, AL, and GA TECH.

•••• O.C. Brown 6-3, 315, 5.1 Memphis Manassas
Here is an OL who can play tackle, guard, or center.
On Film–He's been blessed with long arms, quick feet, he can sink his hips, and is a natural knee bender. He's a smart, tough as nails OL who shows quick hands and the agility of a cat. He dominated most DTs he went up against in '08 showing excellent footwork, speed, and strength. He also proves to be a solid technician.
Stats–He earned All-City honors for his play at OL.
Grades–His GPA is over 2.5.
Favorite Schools–CO, KY, SOUTHERN MISS, AL, TN, and VANDY.

••• Marvin Barton 6-3, 317, 5.5 Memphis Whitehaven
He is certainly a player to keep your eye on.
On Film–He needs to improve his quickness but he has the technique and tenacity needed to play either OG or OC in college. Very strong at the point of attack, he's a powerful and motivated OL who also played some NG on defense.
Stats–He totaled 25 tackles, 6 sacks, 6 tackles for losses, and 4 fumbles at NG.
Grades–His GPA is over 2.5
Favorite Schools–MIAMI, AR, MEMPHIS, OLE MISS, and AL.

Other Offensive Linemen to Watch:
Caleb Smith 6-3, 285, 5.0 Collierville
Tim Michalchuk 6-4, 270, 5.1 Cordova
David McConnell 6-5, 285, 5.3 LaVergne
Cameron Clemmons 6-7, 270, 5.3 Lebanon Wilson Central

Defensive Linemen
••••• Jacques Smith 6-3, 238, 4.69 Ooltewah
I sat down for over an hour with Jacques and his head coach to watch just about every play he made during his junior year and I came away impressed enough to give him five stars.
On Film–The words to describe Jac are relentless, aggressive, instinctive, smart, dominating, and wow. However, the keyword is quickness. This guy is as quick as a cat. He comes off the edge like no one's business and reminds me of a healthy Devon Kennard. He is naturally strong, explosive out of his stance, and sometimes he looks like he is being shot out of a cannon as he approaches the QB. He is a difference maker at the DE position and has the ability to become a great one.
Stats–He recorded 78 tackles, 13 sacks, 28 tackles for losses, and two caused fumbles on his way to earning class 5A Mr. Football honors.
Other Sports–He throws the shot put over 55'. He finished second in state as a sophomore.
Grades–His GPA is 2.5.
Favorite Schools–He committed very early to Phil Fulmer at TN, and then recommitted a few months later to LANE KIFFEN.

••• Ishmael Lewis 6-2, 265, 4.89 Brentwood Academy
He is a DL to keep your eye on. Not yet a dominating ball player, he needs to work on his upper body strength.
On Film–I was impressed with his quick first couple of steps. He gets good leverage and has very good lateral speed. His strength will become more dominant at the point of attack, but believe me the athletic ability is already there. He could become one of the more recruited DT prospects in the south.
Stats–He earned All-League and All-Area honors for his play at DT.
Grades–His GPA is over 2.5.

••• Tim McAdoo 6-3, 290, 5.0 Murfreesboro Oakland
He is another intriguing DT prospect.
On Film–He impresses you with his strength, overall athletic ability, and the way he wears down blockers with both. He has a relentless style of play, takes pretty good pursuit angles to the ball, can redirect quickly, and dominates the point of attack.
Stats–He recorded 95 stops and 5 sacks on his way to earning the region's Defensive Player of the Year honors.
Grades–His GPA is over 2.0.
Favorite Schools–KY, TN, AUBURN, UAB, MEMPHIS, and FSU.

Future All-American
Terry Piedden 6-2, 267, 4.9 Memphis Whitehaven
He is certainly someone to keep your eye on over the next two seasons.
On Film–#56 impresses you with his ability to quickly disengage and find the ball. At times he makes offensive lineman look bad with his quick feet and hands. He is also super strong in the upper body and can dominate the line of scrimmage and the point of attack. The potential here is enormous. If TJ is willing to work hard as a DL, there will be no stopping him. He could wind up playing DT or DE in college.
Stats–He recorded 45 stops, 11 sacks, 4 caused fumbles, and 6 tackles for losses in '08.
Grades–His GPA is 3.0.
Favorite Schools–He is looking at USC, LSU, TN, UCLA, AL, and MIAMI.

Future All-American
Trovante Thompson 6-2, 267, 5.5 Memphis Whitehaven
He plays along side Piedden. He is not as quick, active or nearly as strong, but believe it or not this guy makes plays.
On Film– He certainly has a lot of work left to do with his strength but once he does get stronger, he could become a very reliable DT. He plays LT on offense and if he does improve his foot quickness he could wind up playing OG at the next level. He is a very confident run and pass blocker.
Grades–His GPA is 3.8 and he scored a 20 on the ACT.
Favorite Schools–He is looking at MIAMI, CLEMSON, VANDY, MI STATE, LSU, and TX.

Other Defensive Linemen to Watch:
Eric Fitzgerald 6-3, 230, 4.8 Crossville Cumberland County
Ben Stiles 6-2, 235, 4.8 Englewood McGinn Central
Cory Gaines 6-4, 245, 4.8 Germantown
Austin Sowell 6-4, 230, 4.8 Knoxville West
Corey Jones-Preston 6-5, 230, 4.8 Memphis Mitchell
DaJuan Brown 6-5, 250, 4.9 Murfreesboro Blackman
TJ Mitchell 6-3, 250, 4.8 Murfreesboro Siegel
Jeffrey Holman 6-3, 280, 5.0 Shelbyville
Colter Adkins 6-3, 260, 4.8 Cordova

••••• Justin Maclin 6-4½, 220, 4.46 Memphis Ridgeway
He ranks with Jacques Smith as one of the two most dominating players in the state of Tennessee.
On Film–This five-star standout dominates from the first to the last game. His strengths are speed to the ball, quickness, and don't discount his football smarts. This guy seems to be in the right place at the right time on almost every play. However, his super quick first step will eventually be what helps him get to the NFL. He plays hard on every down and is always around the ball. He plays the game with great balance, is able to fight through traffic, and once he gets to the ball, he rarely misses a tackle. He is an outstanding person to have on your team. He is a leader both on and off the field.
Stats–He recorded 83 stops, 19 sacks, and 21 tackles for losses. He batted down 10 passes and caused 2 fumbles on his way to earning 1st Team All-State honors in '08.
Other Sports–He averages 8 pts and 10 rebounds a game in basketball.
Grades–His GPA is 2.5 and scored an 18 on the ACT. Benches 335 and has a 35" VJ.
Favorite Schools–His father and uncle played ball at Memphis. Committed to LSU.

•••• Jonathan Brown 6-1, 230, 4.7 Memphis Christian Brothers
He is a very good two-way ball player.
On Film–He is a hard charging between-the-tackles type back who keeps his pads low and is known for hammering defenders. On the other side of the ball he is known for hammering ball carriers. He shows excellent strength, hustle, and instincts. His best game last year had him totaling 10 tackles, scoring 3 touchdowns, picking off a pass, and blocking a field goal. He is very strong up the middle.
Stats–He carried the ball 56 times for 331 yds and 9 TDs and totaled 80 tackles, 3 picks, 20 tackles for losses, and 2 caused fumbles at LB.
Grades–His GPA is 2.7 and he scored an 18 on the ACT. Benches 345.
Favorite Schools–His dad, Rod Brown, played ball at Memphis and his cousin, Dominique Allen, played at LSU. His favorite schools are IL, MEMPHIS, LSU, OLE MISS, TEXAS TECH, KY, VANDY, and AL.

•••• Fred Harvey 6-0, 228, 4.6 Memphis White Station
He is a young man who was born to play football.
On Film–He is a bullet to the ball. He plays OLB and plays it well. Super quick, he flies around the field with purpose and brilliant speed. He can read and react with the best of them and has done a fantastic job of disrupting offenses.
Stats– Last season he recorded 78 tackles and a league high 21 sacks on his way to earning All-Memphis Area honors.
Grades–His GPA is 4.2 and he scored a 21 on the ACT. Benches 295.

••• Ferlando Bohanna 6-1, 235, 4.59 Memphis Whitehaven
Whitehaven coaches brag about Bo's speed to the ball and speed in pass defense. He played more strong-side linebacker in '08 but also has experience in the middle.
On Film–When you watch Bo on film he always seems to be making plays from sideline to sideline. He is a downhill runner with good instincts. He really came on in the 2008 season and is now considered to be one of the more dependable and talented linebackers in the state.
Stats–He was credited with 75 tackles, 3 sacks, 11 tackles for losses, 1 pick, and 4 caused fumbles as a junior.
Other Sports–He has been timed in an 11 flat 100 meters in track.
Grades–His GPA is 2.5. Benches 315.

••• Keon Williams 6-2, 210, 4.5 Chattanooga Red Bank
He has a ton of potential.
On Film–This guy can fly and is super strong. He dominates the conference he plays in, he makes plays from sideline to sideline, can outrun most backs, and is exceptional when he is in pursuit. He is also strong enough to dominate the point of attack, he plays the game on his feet, and makes plays.
Stats–He earned All-City honors for his play at LB.
Grades–His GPA is over 2.5. Benches 300 and squats 450.

Other Linebackers to Watch:
Jeremy Merriweather 6-3, 205, 4.6 Bartlett
Charles Harris 6-2, 200, 4.8 Memphis Whitehaven
DeVante Hawkins 6-1, 200, 4.6 Knoxville Austin-East
Jordan Poole 6-1, 220, 4.6 Lebanon Wilson Central
Blair Arrington 5-11, 220, 4.6 Nashville Davidson Academy

Defensive Backs
••• Julian Burton 5-10, 178, 4.4 Memphis White Station
He has been traveling a little bit under the radar, but believe me this young man certainly shows Division I skills. He is close to 5' 10" and has a 37" VJ and can run.
On Film–He is very quick, shows good range, and can turn and run with the best of them. On offense, he is a slasher who is hard to tackle in the open field with good hands and feet. He is probably better suited to play CB at the next level.
Other Sports–He averages 12 pts and 3 rebounds a game as a guard in basketball.
Grades–His GPA is 2.6. He has a 37" VJ.

••• Chaz Moore 5-10, 165, 4.5 Memphis Whitehaven
This school really appears to be loaded this year.
On Film–#1 shows good footwork. He reads quarterbacks well and can play a physical game despite the lack of great strength. He loves to come up and stop the run and plays the game with a high motor. Very athletic, he is motivated and very productive.
Stats–He recorded 21 solo tackles, 5 picks, broke up a league high 16 passes and in the Mitchell game had 2 picks and 5 passes batted down to go with 6 tackles.
Grades–His GPA is 2.5. Benches 185.
Favorite Schools–His cousins, Cletius Hunt, plays for the Green Bay Packers and DeMario Marr plays for OLE MISS. His is looking at KY, MEMPHIS, SOUTHERN MISS, OLE MISS, AK, and TN.

Other Defensive Backs to Watch:
Skyler Haley 6-2, 175, 4.5 Paris Henry County
Terrell Robinson 6-3, 185, 4.6 South Pittsburg
Terrance Martin 6-0, 180, 4.42 Winchester Franklin County
Spencer Proctor 6-1, 185, 4.5 Clarksville Northeast
Terrell Parks 5-10, 175, 4.5 Cleveland

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